You want to learn another language, to discover another culture?

Thanks to its central location, Belgium is the real heart of today's Europe.

Only a few hours from Paris, London or Amsterdam by car, it could be the perfect place to experience a European lifestyle.

A small country but a big nation!

When you think of Belgium, you probably think of beers, French fries or chocolate. You might as well think of cycling and comics.

But Belgium is much more than that. During your stay, you'll experience the natural warmth of the Belgians, their legendary self-derision sense and their ability to enjoy life.

A small country but a lot to do!

During your exchange program in Belgium you will be staying with a Belgian host family. They will help you to understand the Belgian culture. You will discover how rich this culture is. Belgians are famous in many areas: music, painting, writing, sport and much more.

No time to be bored. The YFU's volunteers will plan lots of activities. Each year the inbound students visit famous cities like Paris, Cologne or Brussels.

We're waiting for you!

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