Around Brussels, have a look at the walls of the houses; you will discover a lot of frescos dedicated to the Belgian cartoon characters.

Tintin: Every year three million Tintin books are sold throughout the world. The adventures of this young reporter and his dog have been translated into fifty-eight languages and 22 films have been out of the books.


Spirou: With his faithful companions Fantasio, a journalist, and Spip, Spirou travels the world seeking always more unusual adventures. Spirou is also the first real popular magazine devoted to comics trips.

Lucky Luke: the cowboy who pulls the trigger faster than his shadow was translated into 30 languages for a total of 250 million copies sold around the world.

The Smurfs: those happy and carefree little blue dwarfs, living in mushrooms deep in the forest need to escape the traps laid by Gargamel.


Belgian chocolate: the Belgian chocolate is famous all around the world. In 1912, Jean Neuhaus, a Belgian confectioner created the praline: a mouth full of filled chocolate.


French fries: the so-called French-fries could be called Belgian fries. In every corner of Belgium, you will find a French fries stall. Most families eat fries once a week. Mussels and French fries is a famous dish too.

Waffles: The first thing that the foreigners try when they arrive must be the Waffle. There are three kinds of waffles: the soft waffle that is eaten cold, the Brussels waffle that is eaten hot with whipped cream, chocolate or ice-cream, and the Liège waffle that is eaten hot or cold.


Beer: with more than 700 sorts of beers, we can say that it is a national drink. Some of them are still hand-crafted.

Famous Figures

Music: Jacques Brel was a very popular singer in the 50th, 60th and 70th. Some of his most famous songs had been covered by David Bowie and Sting.

Sport: Justine Henin and Kim Clijsters have been for a long time among the best players in the world. Thanks to them many finals were Belgians. Eddy Merckx had been cycling champion in the 70th.World-record holder for the number of victories, he is still considered by some people the best cyclist ever.

Painting: René Magritte was a surrealist painter well known for playing with the reality. His work influenced artists' generation like the Beetles. Rubens was a Flemish Baroque Painter. His masterpiece, The Massacre of the Innocents was sold for $76.2 million in 2002.

Writing: Since 1992, Amélie Nothomb has been writing novels for which she has been rewarded. Two of her novels have already been adapted to the cinema: Hygiène de l'assassin and Stupeur et tremblements. The most translated works in the world after the Bible are the books of the Belgian author Georges Simenon called Inspector Maigret.

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