Check if you have accomplished all those things while you were on exchange !

  • Eat a belgian waffle
  • See a french/belgian movie
  • Read a belgian comic book
  • Go to a club
  • Learn a french card game
  • Having a phone call in french
  • Playing a new sport
  • Cooking a typical Belgian dinner for your family
  • Saying 'A tes souhaits' to a stranger who sneezes
  • Learning the Belgian national anthem
  • Going biking with some friends
  • Going for a drink on the Brussels' Grand Place
  • Tasting the sirup of Liège
  • Eating Belgian chocolate
  • Visiting a Christmas market
  • Eating some Belgian fries with mayonnaise
  • Going fo a walk in the Ardennes
  • Learning some french songs
  • Learning to use an Azerty and not a Querty
  • Kite-flying in North Sea
  • Taking part to a Carnaval cortege
  • Going on a boat in Bruges
  • Making some new friends from all over the world

Haven't done all of this while on exchange in Belgium?

Just one more reason to come back and visit!!!

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